Just about everyone has had an experience with stretch marks.  From small to large and textured, stretch marks are typical to both men and women.

You can have resulting stretch marks from many common physical transitions.  If you have lost a lot of weight your skin will likely be stretched beyond normal capacity.  The unnatural and quick stretching will result in stretch marks.  Putting on a large amount of weight in a short amount of time is a second common reason people get stretch marks. This is a very common result from carrying a baby.  Pregnancies often leave stretch marks in their wake.  Other scenarios that often result in stretch marks are people taking up weight lifting or other muscular building activity.  Stretching the skin over fat or muscle can often leave you with stretch marks.

There are 2 different types of stretch marks. There is the colored typed and the textured type.

For the colored stretch marks which can either be pinkish or brown in color, 2 different types of lasers are available for use. The lasers close the blood vessels near the surface of the skin in that area.  For brown stretch marks, the pigment is broken up by the focused laser light. 

For the stretch marks of the textured variety, the lasers treat the area in a different manner.  The skin will actually have a dip in the area of the scar. The laser treatment will induce the skin to develop new collagen.  This is accomplished when the laser actually causes a thermal injury below the surface. This promotes the growth of new and healthy skin tissue which should help fill in the rutted areas these stretch marks cause.

At one time we thought we just had to live with stretch marks but now laser makes it very easy to make them disappear entirely or at least diminish them drastically.  For the more severe textured type, complete removal may be impossible.

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